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Flomaton Chamber of Commerce
The Flomaton Area Chamber of Commerce is involved in the following projects:

-Economic Development
-Promoting Local Businesses
-Beautification of the Flomaton Area
-Annual Fourth of July Celebration
-Sponsoring of the Christmas Parade and Home Decoration Contest
-Work jointly with the Century Chamber each spring to honor outstanding business, citizen        and outstanding student of the year.
-Establishment of a Welcome Center/Railroad Museum/Chamber Office on Highway 29.
-Restoration of the Flomaton Hurricane Park Tennis Courts

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 636

Phone:  (334) 296-2471
             (850) 256-9005

Chamber Officers:
    President: Dewey Bondurant, Jr.
    Vice President: Bo Brantley
    Secretary: Catharine Jeter
    Treasurer: J.R. Jones
    Membership Chairperson: Joe Thomas

Board of Directors:
    Bo Brantley
    Joe Brantley
    Carl Brittain
    Dewey Bondurant, Jr.
    Hank Coleman
    Doug Welch
    Nevin Heller
    Catharine Jeter
    J.R. Jones
    Daniel Moore
    Nelda Neal
    Gary Silbernagel D.M.D.
    Joe Thomas
    Wanda Vanlandingham
    Larry White